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Your next generation 
Remote access solution  

Manage, control, and repair workplace, industry, or critical infrastructure IT equipment with BifrostConnect.

Covers all operational and critical scenarios:

 • Computer or terminal access
 • Offline or secure network scenarios
 • With or without functioning OS
 • BIOS/EFI access from boot 

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A new era of Remote Access

BifrostConnect works on more devices and in more situations than any other remote access solution on the market.

Extend your flexibility

Set BifrostConnect up at a permanent location, or bring it with you making you ready to face any situation, in any location.
You choose between 4G, WiFi, or LAN, and since it is battery powered you are good to go in all situations.

Just remember a small selection of standard cables, and simply connect BifrostConnect to the equipment, and get instant hands-on help from your trusted IT specialist, No software installs on either side. Simply fix the issue the first time.

Maximize your security

Support your company's ZERO TRUST policy, by granting secure temporary access for remote internal or external IT specialists, to a specific device only, instead of your whole network.

In fact, there is no need to set up a VPN. You are not leaving behind any open doors, and there are no log-ins or installed software left behind.

The most secure remote access
solution on the market.

Increase your productivity 

Help your organization run a more predictable and sustainable business by eliminating most on-site and reduce downtime with increased productivity.

BifrostConnect is one of the fastest ways for IT personnel to get remote access to your office-, critical infrastructure- or industrial equipment, even in dire situations when OS, software, and/or network fails.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

BifrostConnect simply behaves as if you connect a 2nd screen, keyboard, and mouse to any IT equipment you might have.
Once connected and authenticated, the equipment is virtually transmitted into the hands of your trusted remote IT Specialist, within a matter of seconds.

Our low latency, encrypted connection ensures a secure and “on-site” user experience.

No software installs
No OS needs to be up and running
No need for the equipment to be online
• No need to give 3rd party specialists access to your private network

Why BifrostConnect

Introduction video 

BifrostConnect provides hassle-free remote access for authorized IT professionals who need the same options as on-site personnel.

Watch the video to learn more.

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For IT service providers

Grow your service offerings and support customers more efficiently. Improve customer SLA´s and ensure agreed
KPI´s are met and exceeded. 

  • Improve your time-to-fix numbers, and save on CO2 by less needed travel to off-site locations

  • Make the best use of your IT experts time, and support more Junior Field Engineers with central IT experts

  • Offer a more secure remote access solution to your clients, making you able to service more customers with the same resources

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For business owners

BifrostConnect is the fastest way for IT personnel to get remote access to your office, server, or industrial equipment, even in dire situations when software and/or network fails.

  • Centrally support more type of devices, in more situations than any other remote access solution in the market

  • Grant secure temporary access to external IT experts who only need to get access to a specific device, instead of your whole network

  • Stop potential breaches by avoiding installing
    dormant Remote Software solutions, posing a security risk to your business.

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For IT departments 

Improve the efficiency of your Service Desk department by supporting remote locations, as if they were onsite in all situations.

  • Reduce downtime & increase IT performance

  • Provide superior service to the business and reduce stress and workloads in the entire organization

  • Ensure business continuity by expanding your remote capabilities to cover more critical scenarios

Multiplatform IT support

Connect BifrostConnect to any type of equipment and watch as the remote technician control the equipment, as if he was in front of it.




!! A PCs operating system won’t boot correctly 
✔︎ Follow boot process and access BIOS remotely

Mobile devices

Mobile devices
!! A mobile device is unable to connect to the internet.
✔︎ Control & troubleshoot network connection



Multimedia devices
!! A multimedia system requires custom configuration
Configure and program equipment from the distance


!! A network printer does not respond.
✔︎ Troubleshoot instantly via a dedicated printer kit

Critical infrastructure 


Network equipment
!! A remote router needs to be reconfigured
✔︎ Establish a terminal session and configure via console


!!  A malware infected server has been taken offline
✔︎ Investigate and restore while disconnected


!! A firewall requires out-of-the-box setup
✔︎ Assist on-site staff by configuring remotely

Closed Network

Closed Networks
!! A closed network access-point is not responding
✔︎ Troubleshoot & reboot without internet exposure

Industry 4.0

PLC box

!! A PLC unit requires programming by a vendor.
✔︎ Program directly via a dedicated PLC Kit



!! An IoT device requires new properties.
✔︎ Program directly by connecting to the GPIO pins 


Legacy systems
!! A closed network device is running a legacy operating system
✔︎ Access and support the equipment without leaving a backdoor


!! A POS system has stopped working
✔︎ Troubleshoot and reboot without worrying about file transfers

Scandinavian heritage 

BifrostConnect is a Danish tech company founded in 2016. Our products are designed, manufactured, and assembled in Scandinavia.

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