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BifrostConnect™ Attended

Grant users seamless and secure access to critical IT equipment without ever placing them on the network or exposing the equipment to the internet.

BifrostConnect™ Attended enables temporary remote support sessions authorized, verified, and terminated by trusted
on-site staff.

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Rethink Remote Access

BifrostConnect™ Attended takes a fundamentally different approach to secure access to your remote IT equipment.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 

BifrostConnect™ Attended is a hardware-based remote access solution that only allows I/O transmission of the keyboard, mouse, and video (screen mirroring or terminal sessions).

 • No software installs 
No configuration
 • No need for fully a functioning OS
No need for the IT equipment to be online

ZeroTrust 3

Zero Trust by design

Reduce Third-party risk by limiting over-privileged access to external IT specialists. Ensure that external users never gain access to your closed network, unauthorized equipment, or applications.

 • VPN, KVM/IP & Remote Access Software alternative  
 • Temporary access based on a physical connection
 • Authenticate via a One-time password 
File transfers are NOT possible

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Hassle-free connectivity across all your devices

Providing remote access to your authorized IT specialists has never been easier. Connect BifrostConnect™ Attended to any type of equipment and watch as the remote technician control your equipment as if she were in front of it. 

 • Computers
 • Mobile & tablets
 • Industrial systems
• Point of Sale
 • And many more...

Support your companys ZERO TRUST policy


BifrostConnect™ Attended takes a user-to-equipment approach rather than a network-centric approach to security. By acting as a physical intermediary BifrostConnect™ Attended completely isolates equipment access from network access. This isolation reduces risks to the network, such as infection by compromised devices, and only grants the application access to authorized users.


By combining user authentication on the web interface and time-synchronized OTP on the hardware, BifrostConnect™ Attended make sure that even when remote users are authorized, device access is granted by on-site staff on a one-to-one basis. Authorized users have access only to specific equipment rather than full access to the network and are subject to the restrictions defined by the given application user rights.


BifrostConnect™ Attended ensures that no data or files can be exchanged between the IT equipment and the remote user. This hardware limitation adds an additional layer of security that prevents data theft or unintentional data transfers enabling safe remote issue handling of malware-infected devices etc.


Unlike remote software solutions, BifrostConnect™ Attended is based on decentralization and obscurity ensuring that both network, applications, and equipment remain invisible to unauthorized users. The temporary End-to-end encrypted KVM stream is only live during sessions and is never stored on any servers. This radically reduces the risk of backdoors and distributed attacks.


How does BifrostConnect attended work?

Plug and play approach 


1. On-site staff connects BifrostConnect to equipment.

2. Technician authenticates via BifrostConnect web interface.

3. Technician controls equipment as if on-site.

4. On-site staff disconnects BifrostConnect from the equipment.


BifrostConnect™ Manager 

Total Overview.
Insights. Statistics.

Map and track all your Attended Access units in one place.  BifrostConnect™ Manager presents you with endless details about your individual devices without exposing your critical infrastructure. 

 • 2FA authentification
 • Overview of BifrostConnect devices
 • Usage statistics
 • Logging and warnings
 •Last known location of BifrostConnect devices


Let's talk about deployment...

Off The Shelf

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Customization 2
BifrostConnect™️ Attended
BifrostConnect™️ Unattended
BifrostAttended BifrostUnattended Purpose Support sessions authorized, verified and terminated by the end-userSupport sessions by pre-authorized IT professionals with no end-user interaction requiredAccessTemporay ac (16)

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