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Comparison overview 

How does BifrostConnect differentiate from existing solutions?


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Attended ™️



BifrostConnect Unattended ™️


KVM IP Switches 


Remote Access Software 


- Built to support sessions by authorized, verified internal or external specialists.

- Sessions are terminated by onsite staff

- Built to support sessions by authorized internal or external technicians.

- The session does not require on-site staff interaction

- Built for managing multiple servers by internal IT staff

- Built for managing PC or Servers


- Supports all types of devices and IT equipment across Workplace, Industry equipment, and critical infrastructure.

Supports; Mobile devices, Computers, IoT devices, POS, Robotics, and network equipment through Terminal Access.

- Built for accessing servers

- Works with most computers Windows, Mac, or Linux


- Temporary access through BifrostConnect services

- No copy-paste or file transfers possible

- Permanent access through BifrostConnect services

- File transfers possible 

- Requires a VPN to access outside network

- Built-in web server for accessing the remote console (newer models) or requires access through add-ons like Java or IE 11 (older versions)

- File transfers possible

- Requires a working and supported operating system,

- Requires software installs

- Requires network access

- Access through a Cloud service or through local IP


- One-time password (on-site personnel required)

- Multi-Factor

- Authentication is handled locally on the device

- Authentication is handled through Cloud service or local directory

Device Management

- Optional

- Included

- No device management

- Device management is possible


- Works out of the box

- Requires configuration before it’s usable

- Requires configuration before it’s usable

- File transfers possible

- Requires setup and installation on device beforehand


- RS232 Serial port, Relay port, HDMI Port, Micro USB port, SIM card tray, and USB C port)

- Externally powered, Either VGA inputs or HDMI inputs or USB or PS/2

- N/A


- Built-in LAN (PoE), WIFI, and 4G


- N/A

Form Factor

- Portable battery-powered (charged through USB-C, Micro-USB, and PoE).

- For rack mount

- N/A

Terminal Access

- Yes

- No

- No


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Comparison Overview

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